The W.E.N. case

  • Game type: ESCAPE ROOM.
  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Age: From 8 years old (minors accompanied by adults).
  • Players: From 2 to 6.
  • Language: Game available in English and Spanish.
  • Location: A Coruña and Murcia
  • el-caso-wen-es
  • lupa

The F.B.I. Search for a team of investigators for an important mission. Do you have what it takes?

The FBI seeks a team of investigators for an important investigative mission. After pursuing the controversial chemist Waichosky, it has been detected that he might be planning some evil plan with the armed gang Espadas Negras. The agents must hurry and investigate Waichosky’s laboratory in search of the evidence necessary to keep the chemist in jail.

Knowing his family, it wouldn’t be surprising if his lab had some kind of trap.

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Game information

This game is the continuation of the first escape room we designed in Clue Hunter in 2013. The first room featured Waichosky’s older brother, who was a chemistry teacher and a bit of a researcher… (well, very, very) illegal. The room was not intended to escape, hence the first novelty in this type of escape games. It was a classic escape room in terms of type of evidence, “very 2013” and look that almost no years have passed…

Now the younger brother, Bartosz Waichosky, who is somewhat more technological than his brother, has been caught collaborating with a terrorist gang with chemical things too… bad vibes… In this case the best group of agents has been summoned researchers. Entering the laboratory of this chemical villain, they must find the evidence that incriminates him and thus settle the saga of the brothers… How bad, his mother must have loved us very much!

This escape room is medium level, a good start to get started in the world of escapists. It teaches how to play quite well and for the more knowledgeable, a few tests of mental agility and skill will give you the first sensations of the escape rooms. The Waichosky brothers keep nothing good in store and always leave us some surprise.

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