Team Building

The most innovative Team Building for companies

What does your team need?

Ideal for human resources

Staff Recruitment

A great tool for identifying your candidates’ skills. The perfect complement for the job interview.

  • Small groups (2-6 people) or large groups (more than 6).
  • Total game tracking by tester.
  • Advice by our team with more than 7 years of experience in the sector.
  • Post-game meeting room (check availability).
seleccion personal

Improve interpersonal relationships

Leisure team building

p>Enhance the cooperation and communication of your team through a playful experience. Strengthen ties through gamification.

  • From 2 to 120 people (check availability).
  • Advised team building.
  • Catering/coffee option.
  • Post-game meeting room (check availability).

Identify and improve weaknesses

Training team building

Turn your workers into high performance teams in a relaxed and fun environment.
  • From 2 to 120 people (check availability).
  • Advised team creation and game evolution.
  • Catering/coffee option.
  • Post-game meeting room (check availability).
  • Training with coach (own or through Clue Hunter).
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Tell us what you need

Tailor-made team building

We have extensive experience working with all types of companies and suppliers. If you are looking for something different, contact us and we will help you to give it the desired shape.

  • We adapt our games and/or facilities to your needs.
  • We create customized games for your company.
  • We move where you tell us.
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Some companies that have trusted us:

The best tools for your team


The escape rooms are perfect games to play with colleagues, especially to strengthen ties between coworkers, since it is a cooperative game in where teamwork and communication are essential. We adapt to any number of participants, since we have several game formats.


We advocate the motto: “Those who enter must leave together” Which contributes the value of group union. Without everyone’s cooperation and participation, you will not be able to escape from the room. Sharing ideas, listening and feeling heard will unify the players and help them in their working relationship. Experiences outside of work help generate complicity.


The escape game is controlled at all times by Clue Hunter staff, allowing to identify the leadership role of each team. It is also an ideal experience for  recruitment, since the coach  can observe the game together with the Game Master and identify the perfect profile for the position you are applying for.


Managing to escape from the room generates a state of euphoria and a feeling of overcoming and victory that is also shared with the rest of the team. In case of not being able to overcome the challenge, the players learn to see their mistakes clearly. We find the feeling of satisfaction in both cases, whether we win or lose, we have tried together and that makes us grow as a team.

Real opinions of companies

Leaders in activities for companies

Since the beginning of our company we have been specializing in holding company events. We have carried out bespoke escape games, outdoor games, personnel selection, identification of worker roles and skills… Nothing scares us at this point!

Work together with professionals in the team building sector, such as the great professionals of Desarrollo+Talento or the renowned Juan Luis Garrigós and his team, working together with large recruiters, with businessmen concerned about their business environment, has given us the ability to focus on the needs that arise customers, who seek solutions by doing this type of activity. In this way we are effective in the objectives that are set for us.

The good thing about escape rooms is that being a leisure activity, it has the ability to remove our way of acting before the problems that arise, which is of great value in the event that the skills of each one are being assessed and their points to be highlighted. After an activity such as the escape games, the coachs and even ourselves, will be able to give evaluations to the group that help to focus the training session in which they were participating.

The team leaves with a good taste in their mouths, they have had a good time and have received a series of indications from the professionals that will mark them more effectively. It is not true that the letter with blood enters, in the face of a good experience we generate more lasting memories that we can internalize and use in our day to day.

The teams that participate in the escape rooms or in the escape halls will have enjoyed a leisure activity with their co-workers and will have achieved:

  • Strengthen ties even between different departments
  • Increase their communication skills
  • Detect new ways of providing solutions to the problems they face
  • li>
  • Create a good emotional and work state
  • Create new synergies
  • Detect company values
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personal and business growth
Escape rooms are here to stay and the good thing about them is that they cover some of the most important needs that we have in companies : get moments of leisure and have a good continuous training.