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The Keylock City Killer

  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Players: From 6 to 36.
  • Price: From €13/person.
  • Language: Game Available in Spanish and English.
  • Age: Minimum 12 years old. From 8 to 11 years old accompanied by adults.
  • Available in the classroom or at home.
  • escape hall asesino keylock city coruna
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escena crimen juego escape asesino keylock city coruna
escena crimen juego escape asesino keylock city coruna
escena crimen juego escape asesino keylock city coruna
escena crimen juego escape asesino keylock city coruna

A serial killer and a new victim about to die.

A serial killer has thrown the city into a panic and the police no longer know what to do. The best team of detectives has been recruited to help solve the case.

Each team will be part of a group of investigators who must rack their brains and work as a team to solve the riddles that the murderer has gone leaving. They only have one hour before the criminal commits his next crime, executing his kidnapped victim.

This is a fun and disturbing competitive game that can be configured to have a collaborative ending if desired.

Game available in A Coruña

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Historia del juego

This game, designed by the company Juego Enigma from Barcelona, has been present in many of our franchises, but now you will only find it in A Coruña.  It is a game designed for large groups, but we have made some modifications and now it can also be played by groups of 6 people divided into two groups of 3 people. 

It is a transportable game that we can take wherever suits you best. In our facilities, we have a space where you can play it, but it is totally transportable. As a point, comment that escape halls adapt to different spaces and needs, so they do not have the same dynamics as in an escape room where you go from one room to another.  Whether transported or done on the premises, this activity is carried out in a single room. 

In the room where we carry out this activity in our facilities, it is themed, which makes the immersion greater. In addition, together with the interpretation of the Game Master and the game itself,  We guarantee fun,the competition point makes it even more entertaining!

It is an ideal game for companies, large groups that do not want to be divided into the rest of the rooms, schools and universities. It can be done in English as academic reinforcement. 

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