Lara Kroft: the Triangle of Light

    • Duration: 75 minutes of play.
    • Adults: From 6 to 12 players (over 16 years old).
    • Kids: From 6 to 15 players (12-15 years old).
    • Price: €16/person.
    • Language: Game available only in Spanish.
    • Location: Zaragoza.
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The famous archaeologist and treasure hunter Lara Kroft needs your help to find the Triangle of Light.


The well-known adventurer Lara Kroft needs the help of a group of the best explorers.

“So you are the explorers that I have recruited? My name is Lara Kroft and I have dedicated my entire life to exploring the entire world in search of the most incredible relics. During the last few months I have devoted my efforts to the search for the famous Triangle of Light, an object of incalculable value.”

The Triangle of Light was forged from a meteorite by the ancient People of Light five millennia ago. Its great power over time and space caused the destruction of the City of Light, so the surviving monks of the Temple of the Triangle hid it so that it would not fall into the wrong hands.

No one has been able to find it since the monks hid it, and when Lara was very close to finding it, she activated a trap that the monks set for protection that will cause the Triangle to be destroyed in 75 minutes .

Lara Kroft needs you to prevent this relic from being lost forever. Do you accept the mission?

Game available in Zaragoza

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Game information

This escape hall takes place in a decorated room, as long as it takes place in our facilities. It is designed so that they can play groups from 6 to 12 people (children up to 15). Also ideal for families and small groups. Unlike our escape rooms, in this game, the objective will not consist of escaping the room, but but in fulfilling a mission solving different enigmas and brain teasers.

Being a game designed for large groups, you will have a large number of puzzles that can be solved at the same time. This will test your communication and team organization skills. Also, this time, you will not be controlled by cameras, but the Game Master will be inside with you, since he will also be part of the mission.

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