NASA: Omega Mission

  • Type of game: ESCAPE ROOM (designed by Mystery Rooms).
  • Duration: 75 minutes.
  • < li>Players: From 2 to 6 agents.

  • Language: Game available in Spanish (English soon).
  • < strong>Age: Children under 16 accompanied by adults. Not suitable for children under 8.
  • Price: from €16/person.
  • Location: Av. Blasco Ibañez, 43 low, Valencia.

The New Horizons ship was lost in space and has now returned to Earth.
The best agents will be able to infiltrate the ship to find out what it hides.

Incoming message NASA: Omega Mission. Although the official mission of NEW HORIZONS was to explore Pluto, it was part of a secret project known as “Deep Space”. It is believed that he had on board a supercomputer programmed to search for and establish contact with extraterrestrial life and transmit the information to NASA.

In 2015 he passed by Pluto as his cover, but since then he has continued to enter space . After years without working, his locator beacon came to life and, surprisingly, it recorded his position on Earth, specifically in the secret facilities of Area 51.

In this strong>exciting escape room players will have to become the best team of NASA intelligence agents. Their goal, infiltrate the secret army facilities to gain access to the New Horizons ship and find out what they hide. This team will be made up of 2-6 agents and they will have to work as a team; mental agility and perception, will be fundamental skills that they will have to have the agents who dare to accept the Mission Omega.


Game available in Valencia

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Game information

Our intelligence team has discovered a breach in the guard shift change and will allow access to the compound for 75 minutes. The agents will have very little time until the guards notice their infiltration.

Nasa: Mission Omega is an escape game designed by Mystery Rooms . This is the most exciting and technological escape room in Valencia, with incredible tests and a lot of adrenaline. An essential experience for adult and young agents aged 16 and over. Agents between 8 and 15 years old may participate accompanied by another adult agent or with a monitor.

Ideal for groups who like epic adventure themes and an adrenaline rush. When you arrive at the base, you will be greeted by Agent Smith and he is not usually very lenient with the agents under his charge. You must give 200% of your skills to the NASA intelligence service.

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