Epic competitive escape

The Quest for Eldorado

  • Game type: ESCAPE HALL
  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Players: 6-20 on VLC, 6-12 on ZGZ.
  • Kids version: From 5th grade (10 years).
  • Language: Available in Spanish.
  • Prices: Valencia and Zaragoza from €14/p.
  • Game available in Valencia and Zaragoza.

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In the search, the Gates family, historians fond of cryptology and descendants of famous treasure hunters, is convinced of the existence of the forgotten treasure of the Freemasons, El Dorado.

For years they have been trying to find it and, now that they are very close, they need the help of a group of 6 and 25 expert treasure hunters to solve the last enigmas. In this way, prevent it from falling into the wrong hands that could sell the treasure on the black market.

In the Quest for El Dorado you will have 60 minutes to face enigmatic challenges and hidden puzzles. If you manage to do it in that time, you will have proven that you are worthy of the fame that precedes you.

An ideal experience for large groups of friends, families or companies, where all the players will have to demonstrate that they know how to work as a team, communicate and with time running out against them.

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Game information

Legend has it that the Spanish conquistadors believed that there was a legendary city made of gold located near present-day Colombia, where it is said there were abundant gold mines.

Infighting, lack of food, and harsh terrain conditions caused the deaths of hundreds of Spanish explorers during the search for the golden city. For this reason, it is believed that the most precious riches were collected from it and were guarded by the Templars.

Later, the freemasons took care of guarding the treasure and hid it using intricate enigmas to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Years later, the first clue was found by the Gates family’s great-grandfather, who simply said: The secret lies in Charlotte. Since then his descendants have traveled the entire world discovering and treasuring relics and manuscripts that may shed light on the location of the treasure.

During an expedition, the Gates found several identical sealed chests and he needs the help of the best archaeologists and treasure hunters to decipher the code that would open the trunk where the El Dorado treasure is believed to be.

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