In Clue Hunter Valencia we want to reward your loyalty and, for this, when you come to play one of our games we will give you a card in which you can complete 9 boxes with which you can obtain prizes and discounts for future games.


It is personal and non-transferable, each team member will receive one in which they will have to put their personal data. It is made up of 9 boxes that can be completed with the following actions:

  • 4 boxes playing our games: Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty, Nasa: Mission Omega, Megachef and La búsqueda El Dorado.
  • 2 boxes writing reviews on one of the following platforms: Google, Tripadvisor or Escape Room Lover.
  • 2 box playing one of our escape boxes: El Legado Pirata or Bomb Suitcase.
  • 1 box playing one of the wooden escape boxes we have.
  • 1 box by following us on Instagram and completing the game that you will find there.


The purpose of the Customer Loyalty Card is a promotional system promoted by Ríos León Valencia 2013, SL (Clue Hunter Valencia), with address for these purposes at C/ Císcar, 27-1, C.P. 46005 – Valencia with CIF number: B98600554.
Through this personal and non-transferable card, holders will be able to obtain discounts up to a value of €10.00 for their next purchases at Clue Hunter Valencia.
Individuals over 16 years of age, resident in Spain, who do not have limited capacity to act, may be holders of the Customer Loyalty Card.
The holder, whose ID appears on the back of the Card, will be understood to coincide at all times with the holder of the same, unless reported theft or loss.
The purposes of the Customer Loyalty Card are exclusively promotional, without it being understood that it can be a means of payment.
The card is free, at no cost to the user.

The Customer Loyalty Card may only be used at the establishment: Clue Hunter Valencia located at Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 43 bajo, C.P. 46020-Valencia.

This promotion will start on November 1, 2022 and will remain in force indefinitely, as long as Clue Hunter Valencia does not end it. It will be understood to have ended when Clue Hunter Valencia decides not to grant any more discount points, and so notifies the holders, the web, social networks or store signage being valid means of doing so.

These discounts will be valid for 12 months from the moment they are generated. After that time they cannot be exchanged.

Customer Loyalty Card holders may unsubscribe from it at any time. To this end, they must request it in person at the Clue Hunter Valencia facilities, in writing to Clue Hunter Valencia at the postal address indicated in these General Conditions or through electronic communication, attaching a photocopy of their ID. o Equivalent official document.

The Customer Loyalty Cards will be available to customers who wish to join the promotion at the Clue Hunter Valencia establishment at Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 43 bajo, C.P. 46020 – Valencia and complete the first box through any of the following actions:

  • Paying for and playing one of the following escape games (escape room or escape hall) from Clue Hunter Valencia: “Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty”, “Nasa: Mission Omega”, “MegaChef” or “La búsqueda de El Dorado”.
  • Paying for and playing one of the following Clue Hunter Valencia box games: “El Legado Pirata” or “Sandiego: Suitcase Bomb”. The boxes of the Customer Loyalty Cards of the holders who have participated in the game will be completed.
  • Up to 2 boxes, leaving a review on the following platforms: Google, Tripadvisor or Escape Room Lover. Clue Hunter Valencia will require that this assessment be demonstrated graphically on site to one of the Clue Hunter Valencia Game Masters.
  • Up to 1 box, paying for one of the box games (escape box) that Clue Hunter has for sale at its IDAdventure and Escapewelt company facilities in one of the following modalities: rental mode, in which one box is completed at a time single Customer Loyalty Card, or purchase mode, in which a box of the Customer Loyalty Cards that are part of the team (understood as a group of players of the same escape game) present at the time of purchase is completed , with a maximum of 6 Customer Loyalty Cards.
  • Up to 1 box, for following the Clue Hunter Valencia Instagram account and completing the game that is set out on this Clue Hunter Valencia social network. Clue Hunter Valencia will require that this action be demonstrated graphically on site to one of the Clue Hunter Valencia Game Masters.

Each time an action is completed, the Clue Hunter Valencia staff will mark one of the boxes on the Customer Loyalty Card with a stamp, where the action carried out and the date on which it was completed will be identified. If the holder of the Customer Loyalty Card does not carry it with them when completing an action, the box will not be stamped and will not count as an action carried out. The holder may leave his personal data so that he can later appear with his Customer Loyalty Card and complete the box.


The holder of the Customer Loyalty Card will obtain a discount each time he completes one of the boxes marked for this purpose:

  • After completing the third box you will get a discount of €3.00.
  • After completing the sixth box you will get a discount of €6.00.
  • After completing the ninth and last box, a discount of €10.00 will be obtained.

These discounts may be used individually on Clue Hunter Valencia products and services. Discounts may be applied to several Customer Loyalty Card holders on the same product or service, as long as they comply with the promotion’s operation. These discounts are not cumulative with each other individually, and can be used independently for different Clue Hunter Valencia products or services.

These will be valid for 12 months from the moment the corresponding box is completed. After that time, it cannot be exchanged.

The use of Customer Loyalty Card discounts cannot be used for cash back. A credit note will be made regarding the discount generated without being able to exceed the purchase made.

When a holder completes the 9 boxes on his Customer Loyalty Card, he will enter the draw to qualify for an additional reward valued at €300.00, made up of the following products:

  • An escape hall at home for a maximum of 20 people among those offered by Clue Hunter Valencia. Displacement included within the city of Valencia; For addresses outside of Valencia, €1.8/km will be charged from the Clue Hunter Valencia facilities to the address.
  • A Gift Voucher for a maximum of 6 people to redeem in Clue Hunter Valencia games.
  • A board game from the Unlock! brand from Asmodee publishing house.
  • A board game from the Escape Room brand from the Diset publishing house.
  • A board game from the Exit brand from the Devir publishing house.

This lot will be raffled among all Loyalty Card Holders who have completed the 9 boxes and have registered in the draw through the form provided for it at the Clue Hunter Valencia facilities located at Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 43 bajo de Valencia . A raffle will be held every 12 months from the start of the promotion among all registered holders.

The mandatory data to participate in the draw will be: Name and Surname, ID or passport, contact telephone number, e-mail. Participation in the draw for the additional prize presupposes the full acceptance of all the clauses contained in these rules and the authorization to publish the name of the winning person in all the communication media of Clue Hunter Valencia and the rest of the Clue Hunter franchises, in all its editions on paper as well as in online media (emailing, web and Social Media), reserving the right to use the award, name and image of the winner for advertising if it deems appropriate, without this entailing any financial compensation in favor of the winner.

The winning holder of the draw will not be able to participate in subsequent draws for these additional prizes of the promotion.


The promotion is intended for users who complete the actions provided for in the Promotion Operation from the start date of the promotion. However, Clue Hunter Valencia users who have already paid for and played one of the escape games (escape room, escape hall or escape box) attached to the promotion or have valued on any of the platforms described in the promotion.

These users will be able to complete the action justifying the payment and/or participation in the escape games mentioned in the previous paragraph by presenting a Simplified Invoice and/or photograph on site. These actions may be completed once the Customer Loyalty Card obtained is available and the first box completed following the promotion operation. The boxes completed through old purchases of products or services will not count towards obtaining the prizes in the winning boxes (third, sixth and ninth).

In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data and its development regulations, we inform you that the personal data collected will become part of a file owned by Clue Hunter. Said file has been created and used with the purpose of carrying out the loyalty conditions of the company’s clients, as well as to inform you about our and/or services and promotions through email or social networks that you provide us and to carry out the administrative management necessary for these services.
We also wish to inform you that you may exercise the rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition regarding the personal data collected, and that you may exercise them by written request, accompanying a photocopy of the DNI addressed to Ríos León Valencia 2013, S.L. with address at Calle Císcar, 27, 46005 Valencia, indicating Data Protection as a reference, and the right that you specifically wish to exercise or through the forms that are at your disposal at the aforementioned address.

In the event that the Card is lost, stolen or damaged, the holder must notify Clue Hunter Valencia immediately through the telephone number +34 657 669 154, expressly consenting to the possible recording of their data in the terms established in the Fifth Clause. The Customer Loyalty Card will not be blocked until such communication is made.
In the case of an illegible Card, a Card obtained through theft, theft, fraud or other promotional mechanics that do not respect these rules or good faith, and in general in the event of fraudulent use or use contrary to these Card conditions, Clue Hunter Valencia reserves the right not to accept the use of the same or the use of the discount points that have been accumulated with it, in which case Clue Hunter Valencia may cancel the aforementioned Card or limit its use.

To resolve any disputes that arise in relation to the interpretation or application of these conditions, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts and tribunals of the capital Valencia.